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Wealth Management

MCF Wealth Management provides investment management and wealth creation services to individuals & families and successful privately-owned businesses / shareholders. Our experienced team members provide the leadership necessary for retirement and financial planning, business and succession planning, risk management, insurance planning, personal trust, tax and estate planning. We believe that successful outcomes are the result of a disciplined and prudent approach.

A Vanguard study suggests that an advisor can potentially add 3% in net after tax annualized returns to a client’s portfolio through:


        Spending Strategy

        Lower Expenses

       Tax Efficiency

Our Services

We serve your unique needs by optimizing your plan so that you are best positioned to achieve your personal goals while focusing on the activities you enjoy the most. As a comprehensive financial firm, we offer the following services:

1Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha, The Vanguard Group, 2014.