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Last Mile Retail Fund II

The LMF fits into our Diversified Strategies bucket having several of our internal characteristics:       

  1. Inflation risk offset
  2. Low correlations to equity and fixed income asset classes
  3. Protect against market value volatility
  4. Alternatives to overvalued asset classes

We believe the LMF is an attractive opportunity and several of us will be participating as an investor on the same terms as you. 

LMF is a direct real estate fund (private placement) managed by local talent in Cincinnati, OH. The management team and Board of Directors have extensive experience managing real estate. The fund focuses on quality retail properties located in affluent, high-growth suburban neighborhoods in primary markets such as Atlanta, Austin, Columbus, Houston, and Jacksonville. Tenants are primarily service-oriented and convenience-based retail businesses located near the “last mile” closest to the affluent neighborhood.

The goal of the fund is to deliver an outsized cash yield by owning high-quality properties with strong tenants. Investors will receive regular cash flow distributions. Management will focus on distributions and selecting properties with significant growth potential. The LMF General Partner materially co-invests alongside investors and has committed $15 million of their own money to Fund II.

investment objective 



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