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PRESS RELEASE: Kentucky Retirement Systems Board of Trustees Re-Elects Chair and Vice Chair

FRANKFORT, KY (April 18, 2019): The Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) Board of Trustees unanimously re-elected David Harris as Chairman and Keith Peercy as Vice Chairman of the Board during their annual meeting April 18.

Mr. Harris is the Chief Executive Officer of MCF Advisors, LLC, a Kentucky based comprehensive financial services firm. He was originally appointed to the KRS Board by Governor Bevin in June 2016, and was first elected Board Chair in April 2018. Mr. Harris was recently reappointed to the Trustee position by Governor Bevin, for a term expiring June 17, 2022.

Mr. Peercy is the Board’s elected representative from the State Police Retirement System (SPRS). Lieutenant Colonel Peercy retired from the Kentucky State Police as the Director of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division after serving as a Kentucky State Trooper for over 20 years. He was elected to the KRS Board in March 2015, and was re-elected to a second four-year term as the SPRS Trustee in March 2019. Mr. Peercy was first elected Board Vice Chair in April 2018.

“KRS has benefitted greatly from the service and leadership of both Mr. Harris and Mr. Peercy,” noted KRS Executive Director David Eager. “Our entire Board is committed to make KRS stronger and responsive to the needs of our 379,000 members.”

Kentucky Retirement Systems is responsible for the investment of funds and administration of pension and health insurance benefits for over 379,000 active and retired state and local government employees, state police officers, and nonteaching staff of local school boards and regional universities.

Visit our website at https://kyret.ky.gov