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investment management 

We Focus On Successful Client Outcomes

MCF is a comprehensive financial services firm serving as a Fiduciary investment manager through two operating divisions – our Institutional Division and our  Wealth Management Division.

    MCF Insights

Market Corrections Can Be Healthy and Beneficial

Because they keep bubbles from forming – but only if you’re prepared

With the stock market’s historic growth that began in early 2009, many believe a 10% pullback may be a healthy thing. Such a drop is not horribly painful, by historical standards, and smart investors can cushion such a fall.

Aretha Franklin Died Without a Will

And now her $80 million estate is in probate court

When legendary singer Aretha Franklin died of advanced pancreatic cancer at age 76, she did not have a will or trust, according to documents filed in Oakland County Probate Court. And now the $80 million estate of the intensely private Queen of Soul is about to become very public – and possibly very taxing for her heirs.

Should You Lose Sleep Over the Yield Curve

Is the flattening yield curve telling us a recession is around the corner?

Given all the attention it has gotten in recent months, most everyone seems to know that the bond market’s yield curve is dangerously close to inverting, an event that has reliably predicted U.S. recessions in the past. The recent firming of economic growth, however, is a reminder that the shrinking difference between short- and long-term Treasury yields by itself does not indicate economic weakness ahead.

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