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MCF is a comprehensive financial services firm serving as a Fiduciary investment manager through two operating divisions – our Institutional Division and our  Wealth Management Division.

   MCF Insights

The SECURE Act – How Your Retirement Could be Impacted


Qualified savings, money held in retirement plans, such as 401(k)s and IRAs, are a large part of most families’ plans for their retirement years. Legislation that has passed the House and is currently in debate in the Senate, called the SECURE Act, proposes some changes to retirement savings, both during your working years and during retirement.1

Mortgage Rates Are Trending Down in 2019


Refinancing might make sense, but make sure you have a plan

The Federal Reserve is doing homeowners a big favor, keeping interest rates low. That means you should consider refinancing your old higher-rate mortgage. But how do you go about this? 

First of all, you should know that not everyone can qualify for a new mortgage. If some of your payments were delinquent or your home is underwater, for instance, you may have a problem. 

Beware of Big Moves During Earnings Season


Because stock prices can rise and fall quickly on the emotions of traders

Earnings season is under way for the second quarter. Don’t be surprised to see sudden stock price moves when companies report. But that doesn’t mean you should respond to every twitch. Each quarter, public companies open their books and disclose to the world how they performed during the past three months. It can be a time of great stress and great jubilation for shareholders.

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