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investment management 

We Focus On Successful Client Outcomes

MCF is a comprehensive financial services firm serving as a Fiduciary investment manager through two operating divisions – our Institutional Division and our  Wealth Management Division.

   MCF Insights

Women and Higher Money Risk


The higher risk of not having sufficient money in her retirement is real.

Women are more vulnerable to financial insecurity because they typically live longer, have more breaks in their employment and earn less. 

Special Needs Require Special Planning


Make sure you protect against disqualifying an individual for services

The most effective way to provide a great life for your loved one with special needs is to access both public and private resources. Unlocking this money from public resources often starts with asking the right questions.

Will Dividends Make a Comeback in 2019?


The reality is that dividends never left, it’s just that no one is paying attention

The current bull market celebrated its 10th birthday in March of 2019 and equity investors celebrated as the S&P 500 delivered returns north of 400% over the past 10 years. And it seems everyone wants to talk about growth stocks, IPOs and capital gains, but no one wants to talk about the other source of stock returns: dividends. 

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