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401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457(b)s, & Defined Contribution Plans

Retirement plans are complex and hidden with risks, as well as requiring time and resources to oversee. As your workforce changes, plans require adaptable benefits in order to serve your participants effectively.

With decades of experience, MCF offers a comprehensive range of services for all types and code sections of Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit retirement plans:

  • The knowledge and specialized expertise to help you meet and manage your fiduciary responsibilities.
  • The in-house resources to address all aspects of plan needs.
  • An industry-wide perspective that leverages your time and your negotiating power with financial providers. 
  • The use of behavioral finance practices to improve participant outcomes.
  • Resources such as Wellness programs and participant education to improve the financial futures of your employees.

Whether you simply need a fee or market benchmarking analysis, or you want to match benefit structures against aging workforce liabilities, MCF can guide you with the expertise you require to move forward with confidence.

A Fiduciary Partner Approach

With limited resources to manage their retirement program, most organizations rely upon outside consultants for project and ongoing specialty work with limited coordination between the consulting parties. Include your own human resources department and their work load, and it becomes clear that centralized direction and watchful oversight could save company time and money, and it could give your employees a clear understanding of their retirement future

Every business is unique in its short and long-term strategy, which is why we want to partner with you as a Fiduciary Partner. Using data and analytics to quantify the cost of your aging workforce and your employees’ retirement readiness, we’ll help you maximize the efficiency of your benefit spend for sustainable futures for your employees and your organization.

Fund Selection & Monitoring

Culling the universe of funds most advantageous to your portfolio or plan and benchmarking or reporting their progress through the lens of the Five P’s of Fund Selection.               

Target Date Fund Analysis

Customizing a glide path for your organization based on your plan demographics, providing you with an insight to action plan, instead of forcing your plan into a pre-determined retail model. 

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Identifying the drivers of risk within your asset pool in order to mitigate financial/investment risk to your organization.    

Project Based Work

Guiding your organization through the complex landscape of meeting your goals and objectives.